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1. All interments shall be made in a minimum of a concrete grave box.

2. All graves are to be dug a minimum of 54 inches in depth. All baby graves are to be

    dug a minimum of 3 feet in depth.

3.  All graves shall be grass covered.

4.  Placing of two urns containing cremated remains to one plot only or one casket 

       and one urn to each plot. Cremated remains need to be approved by the Cemetery Board.



 1. There shall be no fence, railing or curbing around lots.

 2. Any heavy equipment and vehicles shall drive on the alleys as much as possible.

 3. Board runways shall be used if necessary to prevent damage to sod or existing graves.



1. All memorials, markers, tombs above or level with the ground must be built of marble, granite or bronze.

2. In new sections Blocks (6-14) the memorials shall be placed at the head (West) end of the grave.

3. All Memorials are to be set level-horizontally and vertically. Memorials set flush with the ground shall be set at the level of the ground.


Surface Vaults:

1. Owners of surface vaults are notified that perpetual care provisions of the cemetery do not provide for repair, preservation, or    cleaning of such structures. No surface vaults allowed in Blocks 7-14.



1. No plantings will be allowed in the new sections (Block 6-14) of the cemetery

2. Artificial flowers in vases or urns attached to or part of the headstone are permitted at all times.

3. Live planting in Block 1-5 is the responsibility of the owners. Cemetery is not responsible for live plantings.

4. Live or artificial flowers placed on graves at times of burial or Decoration Day are subject to removal by caretaker after two weeks or at time of general cleanup.  




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